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Shannon Van Ember 

Achieve Fitness was created by Shannon Van Ember in 2008 after years of working in the fitness industry. At Achieve Fitness it is our goal to help create, safe, healthy and realistic goals. We want you not only to achieve your goals but to exceed them


Achieve Fitness Victoria offers in home personal training and bootcamp classes that will cut fat, tone lean muscle, and get you into top shape. Located in Victoria, BC, personal trainer Shannon Van Ember is a high energy expert trainer who will push you to the next level of fitness.


At Achieve Fitness we tailor all our bootcamps to all ages and abilities! Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, we have a bootcamp that suites you!

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Personal Training

We offer one-on-one personal in-home training. We'll come to you! All you have to provide is a small space in or around your home! Sessions run for one hour on average, 1.5 hours is also available upon request. 

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Success Stories

I’m down 13.5lbs, you’ve been a huge part of my success and I am really starting to feel and see my body changing and I love it!



Amanda's Success Story


Back in January I started a journey at bootcamp that I couldn't even imagine would go this well. Several ups and downs occurred along the way such as gallbladder surgery and ending with a total weight loss of 76lbs. The common denominator in my success has been Shannon. Without her support and dedication running along side my very hard work and commitment I have learned how to be healthy and happy. I am now more motivated than ever before to take on all challenges in front of me and seek out new and difficult ones that are on the horizon. The year is not yet over and I can not wait to see how much more my body and mind can handle. Thank you Shannon and Achieve Fitness for always being a positive influence when I thought I could not go on. Sincerely Amanda Wade

Amanda Wade 

When I first thought about working with a nutritionist and changing my eating habits I thought it would be incredibly difficult and there would be no way I could stick to it,I was wrong Shannon makes it so easy! Immediately after starting with Shannon I started shedding pounds like crazy and after 3 months I had lost 20pounds! But not only did i lose weight, my sleeping improved, my mood improved, my energy levels improved, I made gains and at the gym and most importantly I’ve saved money!!!
Shannon makes plans that’s are easy to follow, interesting and genuinely cares about helping her clients.
I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which essentially means my body sucks at being fertile or processing sugar, making it very hard to lose weight. I have been overweight most of my adult life even though I am a very active and otherwise healthy person. I struggled to get pregnant when I wanted to start a family and ended up seeing a fertility doctor. This was not an easy road involving more pills, injections, and tests than you would imagine possible. My husband and I eventually conceived by artificial insemination after 3 years of infertility. Post partum I was insistent that I was going to get my body back and get pregnant right away. But again I was fighting an uphill battle. That’s when I started to work with Shannon she understood how hard it is to eat healthy when your a busy mom juggling work and family life, she didn’t shame me for eating my kiddos leftovers but helped me prioritize my own nutrition too. She taught me how to eat for my body and helped me break things down and start in a place where I could succeed. Working with her I have lost weight, I have lost even more inches, but the best part is I kickstarted my own fertility and started ovulating on my own. Something I didn’t know my body knew how to do without medication. I look forward to working with Shannon throughout my next pregnancy and post partum recovery.

 From Kristina


Shannon has been such a wonderful support to me in improving my health, confidence, career, and overall life. Her nutrition plan finally set me on the healthy road I wanted to be on and made sure to keep me on that journey. Now my body can keep up with the busy arts lifestyle I want. I’m no longer slowed down by my nutrition habits, yet I still get to enjoy what I’m eating. Whether I’m singing, dancing, or acting, I now have a much higher stamina to keep going and reach my full potential. I can finally say I feel happy and confident in my body on and off stage.

— Kristina —