Bootcamps are a medium-high intensity, core focused, full body workout. We use a variety of equipment including trx, kettlebells, dumbbells, balls, and bands to activate every muscle in our bodies! Be prepared to see what your body can do!

All bootcamp classes run for one hour which include a 5 min warm up and 5 min stretch at the end.

Please note that many of our bootcamps require you to bring your own mat, towel and water.

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As a personal trainer, Shannon believes that with the right education and motivation she can help everyone achieve and exceed their own specific goal.

We sincerely agree with this philosophy and highly recommend her services to all our patients.



Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the program you set up for me and the foam roller. It has been many many years since I have done any type of workout, other than an occasional yoga session. Even after just a few sessions I can feel the difference in my energy level. Again thank you for your assistance and I will be in touch in a little while to change up the exercises. Blessings,